There are two demos:

Demo 1 (For Donors):

In the first demo, Donors fill the specific blood or plasma center donor history questionnaire on day of donation. The completed dhq is encrypted and presented in a 2D barcode. Donors can be anyone who wishes to donate blood, plasma or any blood/plasma products.

  • Click the eDHQ link provided by Blood Centers, Plasma Centers and Hospitals or
  • Click the link provided at our website and choose the blood center, plasma center or hospital to donate– e.g.
  • Read all Instructions and Reading Materials
  • Complete the DHQ online. Questions are presented one by one with a Yes, No, Skip responses
  • Internet transmissions are secured and encrypted over SSL (secured socket layer)
  • Completed DHQs are not stored by Calimex but encrypted in a 2-D barcode
  • The encrypted barcode can be: a) Carried digitally in a handheld device b)Printed at donors home and carried to the collection by the donor
Note: The above process is fully covered during the offer period in our free COVID-19 offer
Demo 2 - For explanatory purposes only. Not included in the free COVID-19 offer:

In the second demo:

  • Donors arrive for donation on day of donation
  • Donors must be positively identified by trained blood and plasma center staff following the centers SOPs
  • Donor encrypted barcode is decrypted by scanning the barcode
  • Donor’s dhq is recreated
  • Process continues at the blood and plasma centers by Trained Blood and Plasma Center Staff following their own center specific SOPs

The second demo is to show how the process can be continued at the blood and plasma centers. Calimex does not directly or indirectly perform any of the shown tasks in Demo 2. It is the Trained Blood and Plasma Center Staff responsibility to follow their own SOPs in positively identifying the donor presenting the encrypted barcode on day of donation, recreating the donor history form, getting the donor to review their completed dhq, sign their DHQ on day of donation and taking the donors through their donation process of checking donor and donation eligibility, taking vitals, interview, deferrals and donation. Note: Calimex free COVID19 offer does not include any of the blood and plasma center operations shown in demo 2. Please refer to our full electronic and paperless version at